• Born in France near Paris, I have always been very keen on expressing myself through my drawings. At college, instead of writing down what teachers were saying, my imagination would find itself on paper in a pictorial fashion rather than literal.

    Having obtained my Master of Business Administration specialising in International Management I currently work in advertising were I see many pictorial messages communicated.

    I am lucky enough to have lived in Hungary, Spain and England so far and really much like the cultural exchange and the knowledge you get from people you meet travelling, these experiences have helped broaden my horizons whilst charged with depicting a certain scenario.

    Being a cartoonist was never a career intention until the FT used my creations for a blog. Since then I have explored the possibility of using my skills to work with different titles across Europe. I am still looking for more publishers to work with therefore feel free to contact me.

    I draw mostly in black and white; my influences come from classic comic books (Franquin, Quino), and famous cartoonist/ caricaturists (Morchoisne, Plantu, and Ingram Pinn, Kal).

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